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The Requiem of the Rain
The Rain that washes the blood away
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31st-Oct-2020 05:25 am - [OOC] Good ol' all-purpose post.
01 [Smug]

If you've got a problem with the character or the mun or just need to say something, comment here.
07 [Taunting]
Instructions: Go here, and collect all tropes related to your character.
Hard Mode: Add examples for every trope, instead of just listing them.

Tropes and tropes and even more tropes!Collapse )
21st-Jun-2011 11:12 am - Permissions
04 [Amused]
Thread jacking.
Comment spam.
Troll him.
IC consequences for his IC actions.
Weird text quirks, Homestuck-related or not.

Hugging/Touching (if he likes you, he'll avoid it. If he doesn't like you, he'll stab you in the face).
Fighting (I like to figure out results of fights OOC before the actual fight happens, though, so throw me a line about it?).

Private post hacking.
Mind reading/Empathy/Telepathy/etc.
Winning/Losing fights. I don't handwave or assume when he fights others, and I appreciate if others do the same for me and ask.
Any permanent damage.



The fighting. The fighting has gotten me in much wank, because I've found that fights without even a bit of OOC planning and talking first end in two ways for me: I get godmodded into a total defeat by the awesomeness of someone else's character, or I get called out for godmod when my character does, well, what he's supposed to do.

I'm not against letting other characters win, but not when it's not reasonable. So yeah, Squalo gets in a lot of fights. It's part of who he is. But I appreciate it when people talk to me about it instead of assuming I'm gonna let them win just because. Or assuming Squalo will just whimper and take it without putting up a fight, even if he loses. That's not godmodding, guys. That's being IC.
7th-Jul-2010 06:29 pm - RP icon meme~
01 [Smug]
The Character Expression Meme

Character: Superbi Squalo
Journal: requiem_no_ame
RPG: soul_campaign

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Snag yourself the coding here.
16 [Confident]
Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Squalo (Or Not).


Do the meme!
17th-Mar-2010 12:15 am - Soul Campaign App, Redone.
11 [Expectant]

Name: Superbi Squalo.
Age: 22.
Gender: Male.
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Manga.
Timeline: After the Varia arc, but before the Inheritance arc, probably while the Future arc is happening.
History: Reborn Wiki.

Character Personality: You can break out Squalo's personality in three words: pride, loyalty and stubbornness. Squalo is meant to represent the sin of Pride - it's even in his name - and he makes no effort to hide the fact he thinks he's the coolest thing on earth since sliced bread. He's worked damn hard for what he's earned, the titles and the prestige and the reputation, and he's not about to let people brush it off. To be fair, a lot of that Pride is justified somewhat in his achievements, which are quite impressive on their own. But there's also another side to his Pride, and it's the way it shields the deep rooted insecurities as well. Squalo can be proud and loud and obnoxious because he doesn't care what the rest of the world think of him. However, when he doesn't meet the expectations of the people he does care to impress - namely, Xanxus - it can be quite a blow for him.

Speaking of Xanxus, that brings us to the second core of his personality, his Loyalty. Squalo is loyal to a fault. Squalo is loyal beyond rationality and self-preservation. Squalo is loyal far beyond the point more sensible people have walked away and felt justified in doing so. When Squalo gives himself to something, he will give himself to that goal or person, and damn the consequences, for him or the world. He swore himself to Xanxus, and he's yet to break those vows: he's still at his side, despite the rain of abuse, and he still hasn't cut his hair off.

During his last stay in Death City, his shadow cut off his hair and told Xanxus to go fuck a goat for all he cared, and Squalo nearly had a heart attack about it. I take that example because the important bit about Squalo's loyalty is that it's not blind loyalty. He's the one of Xanxus' subordinates with enough of a spine to question him and bitch at him and stomp his foot and throw a tantrum about things he doesn't agree with. The significance of his shadow in regards to his personality is the fact that Squalo is a true free spirit. He values freedom above anything else, and even so, it's still his choice to be bound to Xanxus. He's not Xanxus' slave - being his bitch, on the other hand, is quite debatable - but he certainly didn't give himself up to become a doormat. Yes, Squalo is aware of what cost he pays, remaining at Xanxus' side, but the fact that he chooses to pay it makes all the difference for him. And it also makes him capable of standing up for himself, but always without resentment or regrets. Squalo doesn't have regrets. That's the way he's chosen to live his life: to the fullest and owning up to his choices. Also, Squalo's word is sacred. If he gives you his word that he's gonna do something, so help you god, he's gonna do it. And no, pesky things like law, morals or even fucking physics will not stop him from fulfilling his promises and vows. Which is also why Squalo doesn't give those easily.

That ties up with the last bit of his personality, as well, the Stubbornness. Squalo is a mule, quite and simple. Actually, scratch that, I'm probably offending mules by comparing them to him. Squalo has an Iron Will and enough determination to make the term Determinator look pale by comparison. He will set himself goals and wing the script from point A to point B, but you will damn well see him get to point B. Even if the entire universe had to be rearranged in the process. Squalo does not give up, not in the things that matter. He sticks to his choices and shoulders whatever comes from them with his head up high and a smirk sharp enough to cut through steel, and fuck you, world, you just wait til he figures out how to try again. The funny thing is that, despite all that determination and stubbornness, Squalo knows when to admit defeat. And he will admit it, too. It'll kill him inside to do so, but it would not honorable for him to do otherwise.

And that's the thing about Squalo, at the core. His honor matters more to him than his life. And his honor is the mix of his pride, his loyalty and his stubbornness, thrown into a blender with a pinch of cynicism, a tablespoon of deadpan snarking, and a teaspoon of weary idealism buried under half a ton of loud profanity. He's not friendly, per se. But he's there, being loud and obnoxious and nosy and always, always sincere, even when he's lying through his teeth. He's easily bored and socializing is one of the things he can do to kill time, while he waits for Xanxus to get his act together. He's a fundamentally honest creature, extremely adaptable and terrifyingly durable that bends because he doesn't know how to break

He's also Xanxus' Rain Guardian, mean to represent Tranquility and Serenity, though it's hard to see it through the fog of loud impertinence and impatient bitching. But it's there, somewhere, and sometimes he's just quiet enough, or thoughtful enough, or someone happens to hit a nerve, and it shows. It's a shame it doesn't happen all that often, though.

Character Abilities: Squalo's most notable feature is his skill using a sword. He perfected his current, signature style at the age of 14, having fought swordsmen from all over the world and mercilessly defeated him. He's adaptable and he's also amazing at picking up new styles and incorporating them into his own. He's very agile and flexible, and his fighting style incorporates a lot of acrobatics and parkour-like moves. He's also smart. He's not a tactical genius like Bel, but he's Xanxus' second in command and he's shown to have a very good grasp at strategy and planning - ten years in the future, Squalo has officially become the Varia's Strategy Commander, so while he's got stuff to learn, he's pretty decent right now. He's also got some basic training in the handling of firearms, though it's not his specialty or his preferred method to kill. And he could probably hold up somewhat competently in hand to hand, though again, neither his specialty, nor his preferred skill.

Mentally, he's pragmatical and logical, and since he's not easily emotionally invested in people or things, he's willing to sacrifice them for the sake of his goals. He can take decisions under pressure and keep his head on his shoulders while he does so. Actually, it's kinda hard to freak Squalo out, to be honest. He's very laid back and quite capable of shrugging off the most bizarre things, with a deadpan remark to go along with them. He's also freakishly strong, since he's pretty much just pure, solid muscle, despite being thin like a matchstick. Actually, that's a great description for Squalo: a matchstick with a temper.

He's also a natural leader, though he despises to take on that role. He's good at organizing things, making and sticking to priorities, dealing with people and basically Get Shit Done. He much prefers following orders, though, and he's excellent at that. He respects the chain of command, and he knows when to put things aside to get to work.

Character Weaknesses: Physically, Squalo lacks a left hand - which is also his dominant hand - though he has a metal prosthetic. Because he has a prosthetic, he's not exactly used to not having a hand, so should something happen to it, he'll be quite off balance without it. He's also quite thin - again, matchstick with a temper - so he can't really withstand colder temperatures very well.

Mentally, the two main issues Squalo has are his impatience and his deep rooted insecurities. All his careful planning and thoughtful schemes are likely to fail if they take too long to come to fruition, because sometimes he really can't wait five seconds more. He gets bored with ease, which often leads him to get in trouble, and he's often prone to relieve that boredom by annoying the hell out of people he really shouldn't annoy. As for his insecurities, Squalo can be egocentric and proud because he doesn't care what most people think, but if the few people he does genuinely care about are disappointed in him, he can get depressed and kinda mopey about it. In true shonen fashion, he doesn't hold grudges, per se, but he forgets other people do. And he'll get caught by surprise when they show it.


What are the abilities that your character will retain in Soul Campaign?
- Sword skills, though slightly toned down. He's still good at it and it's a very important part of his personality, but Mifune should still be able to kick his ass - it might take a while, but he's not the best. Yet.

- Strength slightly above average, but nothing monstrous, even with the bonus of his hand. He could probably put a dent on a wall, but not leave a giant hole on it.

- Agility and speed, again above average, since they're signatures of his fighting style, but toned down to parkour levels, rather than the outright inhuman things he can do in canon, like jumping down a several dozen floor building and land without a scratch. He should probably still be good to run on rooftops and show off some acrobatics, but nothing above what a normal human can accomplish.

- His lungs. I'm sorry, but not even BREW could take away the loud.

What are the weaknesses that your character will lose or gain in Soul Campaign?
- Again, a loss of strength, though he's not inhuman in canon, he probably won't notice much.

- Loss of his more outrageous acrobatics and his physic defying sword style moves.

- He's very, very sensitive to the Madness Wavelength, since it exacerbates his mental disorders and makes him hallucinate and become very violent, unable to tell friend from foe apart.


Why your character should be a Weapon: Because he already is, in canon. Despite his pride and his honor and his loud-mouthed bitchiness, Squalo has systematically reduced himself to the damn best weapon he can be, for Xanxus' benefit. While he's a natural leader and he has a lot of qualities that would make for a good Meister, mentally, Squalo is the quintessential follower. He thrives on fulfilling orders and being the damn best there could be about it. He already has the mindset, despite the initial denial about it, and once he finds a partner he can trust, he works well as one.

What is your character's Weapon form?: Squalo is still a sword, but his weapon form has changed significantly since his last stay in Death City. He is now a spatha (second one from the bottom up), a straight, double-edged sword more reminiscent of the one he uses in canon. The blade is about three feet and a half long (or 110 cm), and the handle is styled in the shape of various shark teeth arranged around the hilt of the blade, as a guard, as well as in a sort-of flower at the end.

As a Weapon he's got rain-flame based abilities, that are progressively unlocked as the resonation raises in quality.

- At the barest level of resonation, he's a sword, plain and simple. Extremely sharp, but nothing extraordinary.

- At a higher level of resonation, the blade is covered in vague rain-flames, which provide a soothing Tranquility effect and help both Meister and Weapon to concentrate better.

- Once the resonation reaches a stable, strong balance, the rain-flames will burn brighter and spread to things they touch, using their Tranquility attribute to slow things - or enemies - down, though the effect of course depends on the quality of resonation and the amount of souls he's consumed. The better the resonation, the more noticeable the effect will be.


Soul Description: Loyal. Honorable. Proud. Independent. Self-righteous. Determined.

Soul Appearance: Squalo's soul is a medium-sized gray ball, the color of his eyes, with an enormous mouth full of sharp, pointy, shark-like teeth on it; the eyes are just thin, black slits hardly visible above the mouth. His bangs are visible above his eyes, and the whole thing is covered in blue rain flames.


First Person:


[There's the sound of things being shuffled around and a bit of nothingness before someone can be heard taking a really deep breath.]


[The familiar scream echoes the room - and possibly the entire Communal - along with an obnoxious laugh.]

So what the hell did I miss?

Third Person:

Squalo walked out of the kitchens with the vague notion that he had not been entirely understood. The new head-cook, lovingly nicknamed 75 - since the unfortunate, ah, departure of 74, after he tried to feed Xanxus salads - seemed to not quite grasp the situation. Squalo hoped he learned fast. Fast as in before tonight's dinner. Otherwise, he would need to start looking for 76 already, and securing 75 had been hard enough in the first place. He walked through the corridors of the manor with a vague air of thoughtfulness, and checked his mental list for what else he had to sort out yet.

The wounds from the Rings' Battle were already healed enough to not bother him at all, despite what his doctor might say, but there was still a lingering feeling from them. He had things to think about, and he was not sure how he felt about those thoughts, in the first place. So he busied himself with his job and keeping people from killing themselves too much.

He opened the door to his studio and blinked as he found himself swaying. He blinked again when he realized he was most certainly not in his studio. In fact, he knew exactly where he was, and the Varia Manor in Italy was not it. Squalo blinked yet again and contemplated the thought of a long, loud, cathartic string of profanity, but decided to wait.

Memories of his stay in the city flooded back to him: faces and names and fights and wounds, as if a corner of his mind long put on mute suddenly found itself free to make a racket he couldn't ignore. He processed that while he looked around at a bunch of other people and waited for someone from Shibusen to come in and give the speech. He flexed his hands on reflex, thinking about all this might mean, and absently wondering if he could still transform, or if BREW had seen fit to change that too.

Squalo spared one last thought to 75 as Spirit's face appeared on the screens, absently wondering if Xanxus was going to set him on fire or not.

Reserve. Deduce me some of that, son.
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